Behold the Lamb

Thank you for your interest in Behold the Lamb! It is our privilege, to year after year, present this passion play that beautifully and accurately depicts the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you would like some information about this ministry, please visit the official “Behold the Lamb” web site at:

If you have specific questions about "Behold the Lamb", please contact the church office (phone: 317.984.5552; email: Thank you!

    To view an invitation to "Behold the Lamb", please CLICK HERE.

      If you'd like to save the invitation to your computer and then email it to friends and family, please follow these instructions:

  • Step #1 - Click on the above link to open the invitation.
  • Step #2 - Click on "File" (top left of your computer screen) and then "Save As" from the drop down menu. Be sure to save the file in an area (like "Documents") where you'll be able to find the invitation later. Click "save" once you've selected the area/file folder where you'd like to save the invitation.
  • Step #3 - Open your email program of choice (gmail, outlook, yahoo, whatever you use) and create a new email selecting the individuals that you'd like to send this invitation too. You will now need to "attach" the previously saved invitation to your email by clicking on the "attachments" button (on some email programs this looks like a paperclip and on others there is a button that says "attach" or "attachments". Click that attachment button and then go to the area/file folder where you previously saved the invitation. Select the file that is the invitation and you are now ready to send your email and invitation.
  • If you have problems opening/saving/sending this invitation, please contact Chris Fritz by email: chris.fritz@harbourshores or by phone: 317.984.5552.