Fritz and Lynette Good

Good PictureFritz and Lynette Good serving with Faith Global Ministries in Berlin, Germany

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    Pray for the English-speaking Day Camp (July 21-25) and the Teen Camp (July 28-Aug. 1) and for the young people coming to help conduct these camps.  Pray for the children and teens who will be attending, that their hearts will be spiritually challenged. 

  •   Praise God for Annika (name changed), a prostituted woman rescued from the streets and now residing in a Christian transition home several hours from Berlin where she is physically safe and receiving excellent care.  She reads here Bible daily and shared that she is no longer who she used to be, but now identifies with the woman who lavishly washed Jesus’ feet in Luke 7.  Pray for Annika, that she will persevere.


Praise God  for the basketball camp this past spring attended by 55 boys and girls ages 10-18 years.  Through teachings and testimony they heard the gospel as well as learned basketball techniques.  At the closing ceremony many of the parents heard the gospel for the first time.  Fritz will follow up with the players.  Praise God for Brielle’s acceptance to Liberty University this fall.

Updated July 2014