Fritz and Lynette Good

Good PictureFritz and Lynette Good serving with Faith Global Ministries in Berlin, Germany

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    - Pray for the salvation of Ditka, a prostituted woman from Bulgaria, who recently gave birth to a baby boy though she never told anyone she was pregnant or visited a doctor before the delivery.  She texted Lynette from the hospital, and Lynette was able to be with her through every contraction and the birth.  Ditka gave her baby up for adoption and desires to never return to the streets again.  Lynette has spent many hours with Ditka and shared the gospel message and biblical truths.  Ditka knows God is with her and she reads her Bible often, but she has not prayed to receive Christ as her Savior.  

- Pray for spiritual fruit from the decisions made at summer camps and the fall retreat.  Fritz continues to counsel many individuals and passionately disciples them to be ambassadors of the gospel.  

- Pray for Fritz and Lynette’s family as they are all so far away from each other.  Pray for Brittany and Darren expecting their first child in Hong Kong in the spring.  Pray for Fritz and Lynette as they have become “empty-nesters” with  their fourth, Brielle, now  at  Liberty U.

 Updated November 2014